The L19 Project is a group of genealogical researchers and amateur scientists who are dedicated to reconstructing the history of our L19 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) mutation. Our signature L19 SNP mutation is also referred to as V257 in many academic papers (Trombetta et al. 2011). Based upon the results of our YDNA tests we are all members of the E Haplogroup.

Through our communal efforts, we have done significant genealogical work and have produced significant results in breaking through brick-walls in individual family’s history research. We have also begun to develop a theory of our group’s migratory pattern over the last 4000 years as we came late out of Africa, through southwestern Europe and spread into the rest of Europe and emigrated to America and Canada. We have groups of current relatives who can trace their genealogy to the Peak District of England, the Rhine Valley, and the Iberian Peninsula. In fact, some still live in Africa today.

This site was created to facilitate cooperation in the research work that we are undertaking and to encourage new members to join these efforts as well. As you look through the surnames and discussions within our group, you may see that there is a possible connection between one of our families and yours. If this should happen, and you are willing to join us, please contact someone in the forum and we can help you get started on discovering your heritage through YDNA Genetic Genealogy.

Ray-Scott Miller
co-Admin L19 Project

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